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The questions of GAT Basics Level Test are collections  (Tajme’at) from previous exams. These questions are direct questions on basic skills. ,these skills must be mastered before you do your Qiyas GAT Trial

1 – Bring a paper, pencil, and don’t use calculator
2. The test consists of 150 questions distributed over 7 quizzes
3. The duration of the test depends on the number of questions, each question should be resolved in one minute as maximum
4. If you do not know the answer or have doubts, DO NOT answer it by guessing, so you can know your true result

5. Steps

  • Start Quiz 1
  • Submit Quiz
  • Scroll Down to check your score and save it
  • Do the same for the other 6 quizzes
  • (Add the 7 marks)×2/3 = %

Course Curriculum

Quantitative Level Test
1- Warm Up Test 00:20:00
2- Decimals Test 00:20:00
3- Fractions Test 00:20:00
4- Powers and Exponents Test 00:25:00
5- Radicals Test 00:20:00
6- Geometry Test 00:24:00
7 – Statistics Test 00:16:00
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