1 – Bring a paper, pencil, and don’t use calculator
2. The test consists of 60 questions
3. The duration of the test is only 20 minutes
4. These questions are direct questions on basic skills. We do not expect to come up with the test in such a straightforward manner, but these skills must be mastered before you enter the test because they will be part of a question and you will need them to solve the questions.
5. Each question should be resolved in 10 seconds for the outstanding student, 15 seconds for the good student and 20 seconds for the average student
6. If you do not know a question, do not answer it, so you can know your true result
7 – If you get a degree:
A: 85% or more, you do not need the Startup Course and you can participate directly in the GAT Course
B: Between 70% to 84%, you need more training and you can join the Startup Course and you can participate directly in the GAT Course

A: Less than 70%: You need to join the Startup Course before GAT Course

Course Curriculum

Level Test
GAT Level Test / Quantitative 00:30:00
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